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5 Top Rated Wellness Retreats In Ecuador

The ayahuasca ceremonies are a well-celebrated Amazonian ritual of consumption of ayahuasca brews all over the world. It is widely done under the guidance of experts in ayahuasca wellness retreats.

With the growing popularity of Ayahuasca, many people have been looking at retreats that match their level of comfort and style of living. This guide provides you with a list of wellness retreats Ecuador has to offer. Read below to find out the most luxurious retreat in order to ensure a perfect spiritual journey.

Top 5 Luxury Ayahuasca Retreats in Ecuador

Ecuador offers a variety of great luxury ayahuasca retreats for your journey in experiencing spiritual and emotional healing. Here are a few of the top ones on the list:

1.     Vikara

This wellness center in Olón is known to be an Ecuadorian paradise. The endless sunsets, ethereal nature, and tranquil environment all perfectly complement the warm climate of the beach town.

Vikara promises a stress-free environment where you can transform your present into a better future of self-growth and personal healing. It is one of the best wellness retreats Ecuador has to offer. It also has activities such as surfing and meditation, so you can completely enjoy your time there.

2.     Gaia Sagrada Retreat Centre

This luxury ayahuasca retreat in Cuenca is known for its nurturing qualities. Gaia Sagrada, which roughly translates to ‘mother is sacred,’ offers a sacred and nurturing environment just like its name. It is the perfect name because this ayahuasca retreat brings you closer to nature.

This retreat center is low in cost and safe. The process of entering is also very easy here, and you’re only required to take your passports. The Gaia Sagrada honors spirituality the most. Its natural setting encourages peace in your mind.

3.     Casa del sol Vilcabamba

The Casa del Sol lies in the valleys of Vilcabamba. The shamans of this retreat share an experience of over 20 years while living in a nearby village with their family. They provide space for you to build your own personal journey towards healing.

Their 11-day journey provides you with a lot of facilities and activities. These include hiking, spiritual kirtans, yoga, meditation, sharing circle, two ayahuasca ceremonies, workshops, and much more.

4.     Samai Ocean Lodge Spa

Samai is another wellness retreat in Ecuador that provides an oceanfront view. This center in Olón helps you disconnect from your stressful life outside and indulge in the beautiful wonders of nature.

Their facilities include a spa and jacuzzi, as well as activities such as bird watching and hiking, as well as the well-known ayahuasca ceremony.

5.     KawsayMunanaAyahuasca Retreat

This retreat center in Zumbahyuaico is based in the Andes Mountains. This offers shamanic practices with alternative healing properties. Its location deep in the mountains provides a series of adventurous activities, such as spiritual trekking.

The journey includes Amazonian rituals like ayahuasca and guayusa ceremonies. The guayusa ceremony is a pre-sunrise ritual where a brew of guayusa leaves is consumed. Moreover, the whole journey will provide you with a deep knowledge of medicines and spirituality.

Wrapping Up

These luxury ayahuasca retreats can offer you a perfect experience when it comes to rejuvenating your soul. Remember to do your research since it is very important to choose a safe retreat in order to ensure a positive experience.

Explore these options for self-healing and personal growth away from the busy lives of cities and enter the ayahuasca journey in Ecuador.


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